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Best eCommerce Platform Types

The Best eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce for small business seems to be one of those topics that is as exciting as it is anxiety inducing. Many business owners wonder if they’re missing out, others know…

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WooCommerce vs BigCommerce - featured image

Woocommerce vs Bigcommerce Comparison and Straight Talk

One of the biggest challenges of evaluating which is the best eCommerce platform for a business is the sheer amount of subtle details that it involves. Technology, usability, and cost…

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Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

I’ve had it with the “does social media marketing really work?” question and defending or convincing anyone about the merits or impact of social media and social media marketing (or,…

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Mans Head Explodes because of maze, poor website planning

Man’s HEAD EXPLODES Trying to Navigate Site!

How important is it that visitors find what they want in your website? How about they find what you want them to find? Very important, right? The thing is, when…

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Top Email Marketing List Brokers

Who Are The Top Email Marketing List Brokers In The US?

Seriously, it’s been more than a decade into the 12st century as I write this*, and I still see this question online. While it may be well-intentioned, it is severely…

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Like it or not, Yelp’s in business and here to stay

Years ago, Yelp announced to the world they had reached 100 million unique visitors. What this means for Yelp is business is good. What it means for the local small business…

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